The Dawn of Data: Departmental Alignment for the Win

Creating a culture of data that puts the customer first starts with departments joining forces. Determining who owns and defines what, and ultimately how to overcome these challenges is an initiative in and of itself. In this session, learn how to not only survive your single view of the customer initiative but also excel by creating an everlasting cross-departmental relationship with data as the binding force. Attend this important session to learn how your organization can align on the definition of a single view of the customer and share a common language for data collection and use across different teams. You’ll learn about incentivizing data use, empowering meaningful use of data, and why meaningful use is a key measure of success.

  • Moderator: Charlotte Mason, Professor & Head of Marketing Department, University of Georgia

  • Amy Shellhart, SVP of Operations, WellSky
  • Teresa Caro, SVP, Marketing Analytics, Atlanticus